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Pohnpei State Comprehensive Cancer Control Program

The Pohnpei Cancer Coalition (PCC) efforts began in August 2004. The PCC is comprised of many partners from the community, public health, religious, traditional leadership and private sector. For the first time, cancer services in Pohnpei will be addressed through a consensus of professionals in public, private, NGO, and the community to make a realistic plan that more efficiently utilizes available resources. The Coalition members have worked hard to develop the Pohnpei State Comprehensive Cancer Control plan. The current elected Coalition chair is the Chief of Primary Health Care Services in the Pohnpei State Department of Health Services. The Vice-Chair is a high-ranking official within the Pohnpei traditional leadership structure. Although membership of the PCC is open to any persons or organizations, the recruitment process requires that a formal invitation be given to potential parties by the Executive Committee (elected officers of the PCC) and that the party possesses the following characteristics; committed to the mission, willing to spend time and energy in to the planning and implementation process, shared the same vision of cancer control in Pohnpei, plays and important role in the community, and willing to contribute resources for cancer control whenever possible.

Comprehensive Cancer Control (CCC) Plan


To have a cancer free Pohnpei


The mission is to work collaboratively with health professionals, the community, nongovernment organizations (NGOs), professional institutions, and other public and private sectors to coordinate cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment efforts to improve the quality of life for Pohnpeians.


Borne out of the need to combat the cancer burden in Pohnpei, the Pohnpei State Department of Health Services established a cancer prevention and control program in September 2005. The Pohnpei Cancer Program is responsible for coordinating the development and implementation of the comprehensive cancer control and prevention plan, which is designed to help alleviate the suffering amongst the Pohnpei community and its residents.

The first coalition meeting was held in 2004 and they set the initial priorities for cancer control. Through the CDC Cooperative Agreement, the University of Hawaii Department of Family Medicine and Community Health and other National Cancer Partners developed a step-by-step workbook to help the coalitions learn the CCC process while developing their plans. Ad hoc workgroups were developed to refine the details of various objectives and strategies. Several technical assistance site visits and reverse site visits to Hawaii were made to further refine the plan.

Family Medicine residents and faculty physicians from the University of Hawaii Department of Family Medicine and Community Health and Dr. Henry Ichiho performed the Cancer Needs Assessments in Pohnpei in January 2003. From there, preliminary regional and jurisdiction specific priorities were formed. Findings revealed that cancer is the leading cause of death in Pohnpei, yet cancer-related awareness, prevention, detection, and treatment services were limited.

A number of needs were identified, and an action plan was developed based on five priority areas:

  1. Increasing community awareness about cancer (especially cervix, breast, liver and lung) and related risk factors
  2. Securing funding for cancer prevention and control planning and activities
  3. Establishing a fully staffed cancer prevention and control office
  4. Building local capacity for cancer cytology
  5. Increasing capacity to obtain and process lab specimens for high-risk patients

Comprehensive Cancer Control (CCC) Plan Download

Cancer Council of the Pacific Islands (CCPI) Members

Dr. Kesusa Bermanis

Dr. Payne Perman

  • Title: CCPI Director
Robina Anson

Dr. Elizabeth Keller

  • Title: CCPI Director

Contact Information

Pertina Albert

Stephanie F. Kapiriel

  • Title: Pohnpei CCC Program Coordinator
  • Email:
  • Tel: (691) 320-6101
  • Address:
    Pohnpei State Department of Health Services
    P.O. Box 189
    Nett, Pohnpei, Fm 96941
Mary Rose Johnny

Mary Rose Johnny

  • Title:  Pohnpei Cancer Registrar
  • Email:,
  • Tel: (691) 320-2214/2215/2216 Ext.162
  • Address:
    Pohnpei State Department of Health Services
    Pohnpei State Hospital
    P.O. Box 189
    Kolonia, Pohnpei, Fm 96941

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